Dumbbells, Barbells & Weights

Lift weights at home with a set of our dumbbells, barbells, and weights! Our weight sets are a must for setting up a home gym! These adjustable dumbbell sets, barbells, and weight plates are the perfect weight lifting equipment for your gym.

2 x 15kg Weight Plates Set 30kg Weights
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Fitplus Dumbbell Weights Set - 40kg (2 x 20kg)
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Standard Barbell Weight Lifting Bar 1.5m - Easy Curl
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Fitplus Dumbbell Weights Set - 30kg (2 x 15kg)
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2 x 10kg Weight Plates Set 20kg Weights
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1 x 15kg Weight Plate Gym Weights
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1 x 3kg Weight Plate Weights

1 x 3kg Weight Plate Weights


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1 x 2.5kg Weight Plate Weights

1 x 2.5kg Weight Plate Weights


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1 x 1.25kg Weight Plate Weights
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Adjustable Dumbbell Weights - 40kg
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Best Dumbbells, Barbells, and Weights for Strength Training

If you are looking to equip your home gym, dumbbell sets, barbells, and weights are a great place to start. Free weights are the most versatile cost-saving and goal-producing fitness equipment in the market. Ramp up your at-home workout with dumbbells, barbells, weights and dumbbell sets from Dshop.

Dshop offers various free weight training equipment to cater to your individual needs. These dumbbells, barbells, weights, and dumbbell and barbell sets are great choices for home gym setups for strength training. They promote functional fitness and allow for a full range of motion to increase balance, stability, and strength. Weight training helps you improve or maintain your health. More specifically, weight training increases bone density, improves body composition, increases metabolism, and improves overall fitness levels. Shop our selection of Gym Equipment including dumbbells, barbells, weights plates and more!

Maintain your strength training with dumbbells, weights, barbells from Dshop. Dumbbell and barbell are the most basic form of weight training equipment, they also can be considered the most versatile.

Adjustable Dumbbells Barbell Set:  Our adjustable dumbbells are the ultimate at-home space-saver and muscle-builder. Adjustable dumbbells are an excellent choice because you have numerous weight options with minimal space commitment. If you are looking for a multifunctional piece to add to your home gym, consider the FitPlus All-In-One Dumbell Barbell Weights Set.  These dumbbells transform into barbells in seconds, using the connecting bar. 

Dumbbells: Dumbbells are a cost-effective, space-efficient method of resistance training. These are the most common and effective gym equipment and offer strength training that enhances muscle build-up and reducing body fat. Some exercises to use with dumbbells include the bent-over row, crossbody hammer curl, goblet squat, farmer’s walk, and one arm swing. If you are looking to build a bigger chest, firm thighs, toned shoulders, or just an overall full body torcher, dumbbells do it all. From basic weight training to CrossFit workouts to rehabilitation, dumbbells have a place in every workout. 

Barbells: Barbells allow you to load the body's normal movement patterns with heavier weights, making you stronger over time. These are the best options to progress heavy multi-joint exercises. When it comes to lifting weight to build strength bilaterally, barbells will come in handy. Use them for exercises like the bench press, front and back squats, and deadlifts. Dshop has many great options when it comes to barbells. For example, the Standard Barbell Weight Lifting Bar available in 1.5m Easy Curl, 1.5m straight, and 1.8m

Weights: If you're looking to equip your home gym with some great weight lifting equipment, the place to start is with a solid barbell and weight plates. Build your home gym with weights from Dshop. Find the weights you need to fit your routine.If you want additional weight plates, you’ll be excited by the 2x15kg Weight Plate Sets or the 10x2.5kg Weight Plates, and so much more.  

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We want your home gym to be an inspiring, motivating, and fun space for you. Browse through these great options, find the best match, and make your order. Create the ultimate home gym setup with affordable weightlifting bars and plates, dumbbell sets, free weight sets from Dshop.