XL Large 4 Tier Pet Cat Bird Cage Playpen
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Pet Home Cat Cage Detachable Metal Wire Kennel Playpen Crate House
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Weatherproof Electronic Dog Fence Containment System
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Electronic Dog Fence Containment System
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Calming Fountain Water Feature Ornament with Fish Tank
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Baby Pet Child Safety Door Barrier Gate
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Foldable Metal Wire Pet Dog Cage

Foldable Metal Wire Pet Dog Cage

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Puppy Potty Pad Indoor Pet Toilet

Puppy Potty Pad Indoor Pet Toilet

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Pet Zoom Lounge Auto Upholstery Cover
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Pedi Nail Trimmer for Pet Dog/ Cat

Pedi Nail Trimmer for Pet Dog/ Cat

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Mini Fish Tank Desktop Building Block Aquarium with LED (Black)
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Mini Fish Tank Desktop Building Block Aquarium with LED (White)
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Sticky Roller Pet Buddy Reusable Lint Brush
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Large 2 Tier Pet Cat Bird Cage
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Are you looking for accessories to take better care of your pet? We’ve got you covered. Dshop offers quality products and accessories for a healthier, happier pet. From playpens to scratching pole towers to collars, leashes, and harnesses to grooming items, Dshop has a wide range of accessories to cater to all your pet’s needs.

Guarantee your pet’s safety with our wide range of playpens

It only takes a minute for your playful puppy to make a mess, easily damaging your belongings. Even worse, they may even hurt themselves or get lost. Playpens provide a perfect solution to keep your pets safe and engaged while allowing them to play within a confined space. Playpens come in various shapes and sizes, and the ideal one will depend on you and your pet’s individual needs. Our playpens include the Premium Heavy Duty Metal Pet Dog Exercise Playpen, the XL Portable Foldable Pet Dog Cat Playpen, the XL 4 Ties Cat Bird Cage Playpen. We also have various barrier gates to keep your pets away from certain areas of the house.

For outside play, keep your pets from running off into danger or out of your garden using an electronic containment system. Available options include the Weatherproof Electronic Dog Fence Containment System.

Enjoy the great outdoors with collars, harnesses, and leashes 

Collars are a great way to keep licenses and other identification tags on your pets. You can also easily attach leashes on them when going out for walks to keep your dog well-behaved. Collars come in a variety of styles, materials, and colours. Whatever you choose, ensure they are strong enough to keep from slipping off, and most importantly, they must be comfortable. Our wide variety of collars include the Smart Collar Weatherproof Receiver, the Anti Barking Dog Control Collar, and the Cute Kitten Bow Cat Collar with Adjustable Bowtie Bell.

If, however, your dog or little pup is always pulling, jumping, zigzagging, or trying to wiggle out of their collar, consider getting a harness. Harnesses offer better control and are hard for pets to slip out of. They keep your pet securely connected to you will eliminating strain on their necks. Our collection of harnesses include the Dog Harness No-Pull Reflective Adjustable Pet Vest.

Our collection of leashes include the Dog Leash Hands-Free Running Bungee Dog Lead that allows you to enjoy a jog or run with your dog. Also, the Dog Leash Comfortable Padded Strong Reflective Lead.

Keep your cats happier with irresistible scratching posts

Cats are born with the instinct to scratch objects for various reasons, including marking their territory, grooming, and releasing stress or excitement. Thus, scratching posts are essential for any healthy and well-adjusted cat. They provide a place where cats can scratch and exercise. Multifunctional scratch posts such as the 195 Tall XXL Cat Scratching Post Pole Tower with Hammock allow your cats to indulge in their natural activity. They also provide an ideal place for them to relax and call their own.

Discover DIY grooming accessories to save on pet care costs

Regular grooming of your pet is vital for various reasons. Save on frequent trips to the pet groomers using our wide range of grooming accessories. These include Pet Deshedding Tool Fur Eliminator for Dog, the Pet Vac Hair Remover Grooming Shedding Tool, and Pedi Nail Trimmer for Pet Dog or Cat. For best results and experience for both your pet snd you, consult with your groomer or vet on how to do it right.

Explore our wide range of pet accessories

Other accessories in our pets collection include the Puppy Potty Pad Indoor Pet Toilet, which is ideal for your indoor dogs and puppy potty training. It is easy to use and convenient, especially during bad weather. We also have mini aquariums such as the Desktop Aquarium USB Fish Tank/Alarm/Lamp. We have upholstery covers and various lint brushes to help you keep your spaces and clothes free of shedding. 

Take advantage of our irresistible deals and offers

Our catalogue has multiple ongoing sales with huge discounts of up to 90% off on a wide range of products. Take advantage of these to make huge savings! Also, we offer fast Australian-wide delivery with fantastic shipping discounts, and our customer care team is available to you 24/7.

Discover the best pet products. Shop and order today to get great value for your money.