Our exercise trampolines provide the perfect rebounder workouts, delivering big results on a mini trampoline.

40" Mini Trampoline Home Fitness Gym (Blue)
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40" Mini Trampoline Home Fitness Gym (Red)
On Sale 60% OFF

Get ready to jump into fitness and fun with the best exercise trampolines from Dshop. Fitness trampolines, mini trampolines, and rebounders offer an exciting way to get an effective cardio workout, providing you with a full-body exercise. Our mini trampolines are ideal for indoors or outdoors. 

Trampolines are a great way to enjoy high-intensity cardio, build muscle, and burn fat quickly. Not only that, trampoline exercises help in burning serious calories, building endurance, and boosting energy while toning and sculpting your body. These exercises are becoming more and more popular, and a favourite among fitness freaks as they work your arms, neck, and glutes and help you develop better balance, coordination, and motor skills. 

Dshop offers you a great range of sturdy and durable exercise trampolines with solid metal construction that lasts long. Our trampolines are made using galvanized steel springs covered with safety padding to ensure that the trampoline is safe and robust. They are designed for all fitness levels and the best results for your back, core, and leg muscles. Research shows that our trampolines positively affect bone health and help improve bone density and strength. So check out our fantastic collection and achieve your fitness goals in no time. 

Health benefits of trampoline exercise

Research shows that trampolining is way more effective and efficient in burning calories, with a 20-minute trampoline workout routine burning more fat than a 20-minute running at 10 km/h. Being a vigorous aerobic workout, trampolining increases your heart rate at with which it pumps blood to all parts of your body. This strengthens your cardiovascular system and boosts your oxygen levels. Not just that, trampolining is also proven to produce a rush of positive chemicals in the brain, such as adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. 

What muscles do trampolines work?

The g-force produced while jumping on a trampoline helps you burn fat and build muscle quickly. It doesn’t just help you strengthen and build muscles in your legs, thighs, arms, hips, and stomach but also improves your agility and balance. The reason why trampolining is better than any other exercise is that when you jump repetitively, your muscles contract and release more rapidly and frequently. This tones them and increases their strength at the same time. 

Hopping on a trampoline before you get started with your workout session is a great way to warm up and stretch your body. Performing some basic bouncing and then moving on to some flexibility exercises such as bounce squats or in-air leg splits can do wonders for your physique. Dshop offers a range of trampolines suitable for both adults and children that can help you practice the most efficient and most effective form of exercise, strengthening every single cell of the body.