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Unleash the full potential of your workout routine in the comfort of your home with our high-performance exercise bikes.

Our Affordable & Durable Exercise Bike Range

Transform your home into a personal gym with one of our top-of-the-line exercise bikes! Our fitness bikes and spin bikes provide the ultimate gym experience right in the comfort of your own home. Get fit, feel great and reach your fitness goals with ease!

Indoor cycling is an ideal way to improve your fitness level. It is certainly one of the classic ways to get fit. Our spin bike offers a natural cycling experience, improving your cardio, and providing full-body exercise in the comfort of your home. 

As working life continues to change and become more home-centric, more people opt for a home setup for their health regimes, and Dshop is here to make your exercise setup the cream of the crop. These fitness exercise bikes are great for when you want to build up a sweat while watching TV at home.

The Gym Bike for Your Home

Maximize your fitness goals with ease and convenience, by bringing the gym experience to your home with our top-quality exercise bikes! Dshop has all bases covered when it comes to quality gym bikes for personal use—no more waiting in line at the gymnasium at peak hour while other people get the workout you want to have. Our range goes from a classic elliptical, an essential fitness bike, to a fully-fledged professional spin exercise bike you would find at your local gymnasium, all on offer, and you’ll always get a premium result. With our affordable range of fitness bikes, there are no more expensive gym fees or monthly subscriptions, you can work up a healthy sweat and hit your personal fitness goals at home.

Staying Safe & Healthy with an Indoor Bike

One of the major complaints most people have about their everyday outdoor exercise bike is the dangers that typically present themselves on the road. With the Dshop range of indoor bikes, you can say goodbye to those risks immediately, being able to push and exert yourself to your limits from the comfort of your own home with fewer dangers of the outside world being a factor. The fact that they can be used in the home or undercover is also a major benefit for weather-related qualms and worries. 

The notion of being able to hop on your exercise bike while it is pouring rain outside and get a workout in while watching your favourite show could be the luxury and motivation you need to promote a more active lifestyle. 

Multi-Level Workouts with a Fitness Bike

Dshop is proud to offer a wide range of exercise bikes that cater to specific budgets and focuses. Riding is scientifically proven to be one of the more effective conditioning movements a person can do, which is why it has not gone out of style since its rise to prominence. Going on an excessive ride on our deluxe spin exercise bike works your legs and core simultaneously as well as being an excellent way to maintain conditioning. 

Combining the use of a Dshop Fitplus Power Pro Stationary Bike with your regular home workout equipment and you can facilitate a gymnasium-level workout from the safety and comfort of your own home. 

The Dshop Difference 

Dshop is well known for its commitment to customers and for keeping quality assured with every purchase that comes through. Our commitment to quality is apparent in the materials and suppliers we liaise with. We only choose the best exercise range, and it shows with every product.

What separates us from our competitors is our extra-mile approach to everything we do, we offer the best quality products and also the finest customer service in the business. We also offer some of the best prices you will find in Australia. This is due to our experience in the business and the lucrative exclusive deals we have cultivated in the industry that has led to an immense network of deals that we pass directly onto our loyal customers.

Dshop is proud to host a 24/7 communications channel that you can access at any time and put forward your queries and questions related to any of our products. You can find the portal to this channel here.

Fast & Efficient Delivery

You can feel rest assured, as soon as you order your new addition to your home workout, it’ll be packed and shipped almost straight away. We have access to fast and secure shipping channels Australia-wide, complete with a tracking number for extra stress relief. 

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